Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Walt Disney Company

The mass media is very important to the major media conglomerates. A Media conglomerate is a company that has ownership of many companies in various mass media. Some examples of companies in various mass media are, the internet, television, radio, and more. . Concentration of media ownership is when fewer individuals and organizations are increasingly losing control of increasing shares. The number one media conglomerate in the United States is the Walt Disney Company. The Disney brand is always popping up in mass media because it has its name everywhere. The Walt Disney Company is a great example of a successful Media Conglomerate, because of its success in advertising their many brands through the mass media.
            A prime example of a media conglomerate is the Walt Disney Company.  In fact, the Walt Disney Company is the largest media conglomerate in the United States.  Disney owns and operates many companies; which are Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group (film studio). ABC broadcast television network is also owned by the Walt Disney Company. Cable television networks such as ABC Family, ESPN, A+E Networks, and Disney Channel are owned by Disney as well.  The Walt Disney Company also owns 14 theme parks all around the world. It is clear the Walt Disney Company has its hands tied in many categories where mass media is needed.
            There is no arguing that the Walt Disney Company is the largest Media conglomerate in the United States. Advertising is what the Walt Disney Company does so well, and that is what keeps bringing them money.  Disney is promoted through the media at a very large scale because it has its name/ brand all over almost every major project. Disney’s much major success came from its films, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney theme parks are also major success because it was promoted through the mass media. A prime example is when major sports athletes win a championship, and during their speech the say that they are going to Disney World. By the athlete saying that it causes viewers to want to go to Disney World; and it brings in more money for the Walt Disney Company. The Disney Channel keeps children glued to the television, and the Disney Company can advertise a product. By advertising the product on the channel, this causes viewers to want what they see.
            Advertising through the mass media is what brings so much attention to the Walt Disney Company.  Also the mass media keeps bringing in a great amount of profit to the Walt Disney Company. Disney’s brand is all over, and they are forever growing. There will probably never be a media conglomerate the measures up to the Walt Disney Company.

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